Hej, I'm Isabell.

A Bavarian Scandinavian soul, who loves to be on stage, as a moderator or speaker and using my voice & presence for talking about future of education, future of work or AI + humanity.
Communicationsexpert within politics and media. 2021 she was awarded „30 under 30“ by PR Reports. 


Long standing background in international media and hosting innovation & technology events or conferences as well as Hackathons or Pitch Battles.
Further, as a speaker and expert within the topic future of education, future skills or future of work I had the honor to publish articles and discussed with renowned experts on several conferences.
For companies I design future skills workshops and help to get the best out of their talents. 
In 2019, I was invited to study at one of the best universities in the world: At Cambridge’s Institute for Manufacturing.
I researched about AI, future of work and future skills (Download my report under Publications). 
After finishing my Bachelors in Sociology, Politics and Economics at Zeppelin University, Germany in 2017 with semesters abroad in Odense and Brussels, I went back to my second home Copenhagen and graduated with a Master of Science in International Business & Politics from Copenhagen Business School with a focus on Digital Strategy & HRM end of 2019.
Special interests in social entrepreneurship, digital transformation & the future of work. 

Curious which future skills you need, how to upskill best your employees or how the future of education will look like? 
Let’s have a chat and let us shape the future together!
Check out my „Pioneer of the Month“ Portrait: